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ThatOneGuy - Mattias Sahlqvist
Welcome to my website. Im Mattias, or Matt as most people in the english speaking world know me as.
Im a swedish 24 year old with a passion for computers and games, and especially modding. Im mostly know throughout the web as Mattesolo.

Welcome to my site.

Below you will find some of my older downloads. I am currently not active in the modding community though.

Featured downloads
The Blue Edge Project
Mattesolos first pack thats exclusive to his website, for more info, press learn more for more information.
Unmarked Police | Unmarked 2011 Crown Victoria
An unmarked 2011 Crown Victroia with lots of lights
2004 GMC Savana S.W.A.T. van
A liberty city police S.W.A.T. van.
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